Tournament Committee
Tournament MC
Alan Bryce
Tournament Convenor
Alan Bryce
Geoff Clarke
John Reese
Peter Quinn
Umpire Coordinator
David Conroy
Robert Clark
Penny Pat
Eric Jarvis
Philippa Johnston
Wendy Suttie
Live Streaming
Bill Wilson
Tamara Maher
Results and Website
Ken Reid
Arjan van Hasselt
Practice Day              Thursday
3:00 pm Greens available for practice

Day One                     Friday
8:05 am Trial ends available
8:15 am Welcome to Stewart Buttar Invitation Pairs
8:20 am Section play Round 1
10:55 am  Section play Round 2
1:10 pm Lunch
1:55 pm Section play Round 3
4:20 pm Section play Round 4
6:45 pm Finger Food provided

Day Two                     Saturday
8:15 am Trial ends available
8:30 am Section play Round 5
11:10 pm Lunch
Division 1 - 15 ends 2 hrs 15 mins
12:00 pm Post Section Round 1
2:40 pm Post Section Round 2
Division 2 and 3 - 11 ends 1 hr 40 mins
11:50 am Post Section Round 1
1:40 pm Post Section Round 2
3:40 pm Post Section Round 3
6:00 pm Finger Food provided

Day Three                  Sunday
8:15 am Trial ends
Division 1 - 15 ends 2 hrs 15 mins
8:30 am Post Section Round 3
11:10 am Semi Final
2:10 pm Final
Division 2 and 3 - 11 ends 1 hr 40 mins
8:30 am Semi Final
11:10 am Final

10:40 am Morning Tea
1:30 pm Lunch
5:00 pm Prize Giving
General Conditions
  • Australian Pairs - Four bowls per player - 2x2x2x2
  • 48 Teams - Eight Sections of six teams.
  • An end burnt after the bell in time limit games MUST be replayed
  • A bell will be rung once to signify that there is ten minutes left to play and the clock will signal end of time.
  • In the event of bad weather or other delays the Tournament Committee has the option to alter the format of the tournament.
  • Code of Conduct (click here to view)

Section Play Conditions       
  • Section play is 15 completed ends with 2 hours 15 minutes time limit.
  • Post Section places are determined by placing within qualifying sections based on wins, draws, differential and ends.

Post Section and Final Play Conditions
  • Top 2 Pairs from each section to qualify for Division 1.
  • These 16 Pairs then drawn into 4 sections of 4 for round robin play. Section winners play semi final and winners of semi play the final.
  • This will determine winner, runner-up, 3rd=, 5th-8th =, 9th-12th = and 13th-16th equal.
  • Those finishing 3rd and 4th in the initial section play, together with those finishing 5th and 6th, will form the Post section Division 2 and 3
    events. 16 Pairs in each section.
  • These 2 sections will be drawn into 4 sections of 4 for round robin play over 11 ends with a 1 hour 40 minutes time limit.
  • This means that 24 pairs will remain in the tournament by end of play Saturday.
  • Sunday will see 3rd round of post-section in Division 1, plus semi finals of Post Section Division 2 & 3.
  • This will be followed by semi final of Division 1 and finals of post-sections Division 2 & 3.
  • After lunch the grand final of Division 1 will be played.
Tournament Format    
Final Placings
Friday, Saturday and Sunday - 15, 16 and 17 January 2021
Section 1       
Mike Kernaghan  (North East Valley)  Brent McEwan (St Clair)
Trevor Drake (Alexandra) Allan Brash (Arrowtown)
Stu Ward  (Bowls Hornby) Graeme Weeds  (Bowls Hornby)
Bruce McNish  (Karoro) Nick Buttar  (Queenstown)
Rod Greaney (Elmwood) Ian Rule (Elmwood)
Sandra Keith (Allenton) Peter Whinham (Allenton)

Section 2
Jo Edwards  (United) Val Smith  (United)
Trevor Kennett  (Bowls Hornby) Doug Patterson (Rangiora)
Eion Willis  (St Clair) Ross Stevens (St Clair)
Mike Small  (Burnside) Matt Small  (Burnside)
Rod Fleming (Forbury Park) Grant Stumbles  (Forbury Park)
Dave Vincent (Bowls Hornby) Liam Eathorne  (Elmwood)

Section 3    
Shaun Scott  (Bannockburn) Sean O’Neil (Kia Toa)
Sean Thompson  (Oxford) Bronwyn Stevens  (Waikiwi)
Steve Ditfort  (Elmwood) Paul Beecroft  (Burnside)
Maurice Symes  (Blenheim) Warren Brown  (Kaikoura)
Craig Carter  (Methven) Tim White  (Methven)
Peter Hodson (Stoke) Ross Bell (Burnside)

Section 4
Dean Drummond  (Bowls Hastings) Dwayne Cameron (Gisborne)
Glen McDonald  (Belfast) Mark Young  (Belfast)
Rebecca Jelfs  (Canterbury 2017) Nylla Tamati  (Canterbury 2017)
Barrie Andrews  (West End) Keanu Darby (North East Valley)
Matt Gallop  (Springlands) Isaac Denny  (Burnside)
Vince Chia  (Burnside) Geoff Clarke (Burnside)

Section 5
Kelvin Scott  (Elmwood) Nathan Glasson (Elmwood)
Rohan Ware  (Christchurch) Brian Ware  (Christchurch)
Ashleigh Jeffcoat (Carlton/Cornwell) Kimberley Hemmingway  (Carlton/Cornwell)
Hamish Wilson  (Burnside) Bruce Wakefield  (Burnside)
Bob McAuley  (Bannockburn) Dave Archer  (Taieri)
Aidan Zittersteijn  (Paritutu) Ethan Kelleher (Cobden)

Section 6
Lance Pascoe  (Elmwood) Andrew Curtain (Victoria)
Tayla Bruce  (Burnside) Lance Tasker (Tauranga)
Graeme Rees  (Burnside) Ricky Cook (Redcliffs/Mt Pleasant)
Roger Stevens  (Waikiwi) Peter Thorne ()
Pat Houlahan (Alexandra) Alister Watson  (Clyde)
Paul Matheson  (Halswell) Phil Austin  (Halswell)

Section 7
Aidan Takarua  (Pt Chevaliar) Selina Smith  (Takapuna)
Ritchie Kerr  (Kia Toa) Roger Brown (Kia Toa)
Lance Main  (Burnside) Brad Sinclair  (Burnside)
Kerry Becks  (Rangiora) Paddy Stewart  (Kaiapoi)
Adam Baillie  (Papakura) Anthony Ouellet (Tauranga South)
Tom Taiaroa  (West End) Travis Cook (Temuka)

Section 8
Richard Hocking  (Burnside) Barry Williams  (Burnside)
Rob Ashton  (Johnsonville) Roger Glendenning (Canterbury 2017)
Steve Lilley  (Parklands) Chris Kibblewhite  (Parklands)
Sanjhe Prasad  (Blenheim) Craig McDonnell  (Blenheim)
John Lavell  (Sumner) Joseph Van der Pennen (Bowls Papanui)
Jason Dunn  (Hawarden) Paul McKinnell (Elmwood)
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Grenadier Stewart Buttar Burnside Pairs
Division 1
Matt Gallop + Isaac Denny
Runner Up
Jo Edwards + Val Smith
3 & 4th
Aidan Zittersteijn, Dave Vincent
5 – 8th
Adam Baillie, Kelvin Scott, Aiden Takarua, Taylor Bruce
9 – 16th
Dean Drummond, Mike Kernaghan, Shaun Scott,Trevor Drake, Maurice Symes, Steve Lilly, Graeme Rees, Richard Hocking
Division 2
Kerry Becks + Paddy Stewart
Runner Up
Lance Pascoe + Andrew Curtain
3 & 4th
Barry Andrews, Tom Taiaroa
Division 3
Richie Kerr + Roger Brown
Runner Up
Steve Ditfort + Paul Beecroft
Winners Isaac Denny and Matt Gallop
Runners up Val Smith and Jo Edwards