Stewart Buttar
Burnside Invitation Pairs
8th -10th February 2008
Tournament Format

Bowls New Zealand Conditions:
Australian Pairs Four Bowls per player 2x2x2x2

There will be eight sections of six teams , playing five qualifying games of 15 completed ends.

Play will commence each day at 8.30am on Friday and Saturday and on Sunday at 8:00am.

After the qualifying round robin , the top qualifier in each section  goes into division 1, the second team in each
section goes into division 2 and the remaining teams, based on qualifying order go into the remaining four sections.

Each of these six groups will then have eight teams, split into two groups of four, with each group of four playing a
round robin of 15 completed ends.

The winners of each round robin play for the top position of their section. In Post Section game draws are allowed
but not in the finals. In post section, finals only are scheduled. Other positions are determined by the results of post –

All games in the section round robin and post section games will be 15 completed ends or 2 hours 15 minutes

Winners of each Post Section group of four within the division will play Finals:
Division 1 play 15 completed ends with no time limit - no draw.
Division 2 play 11 completed ends with a 2 hour time limit - no draw.
Division 3 - 6 play 7 completed ends with a time limit of 1 hour 30 minutes - no draw.
Final divisional placing below finalist will be determined by finishing position with each post section division.


  1. All round robins will be determined by wins and differential. If two teams are equal with wins and differential the
    winner of the game between the two goes forward. If three teams are equal on wins and differential, the total
    shots scored will be the tie – breaker.
  2. The finals should all begin by 1:30pm on Sunday at the latest.
  3. In the event of bad weather, the match committee can elect a new format.


Practice Day              Thursday 7th February
3:00 pm Greens available for practice
4:00 pm Pro Am
7:00 pm Official welcome
7:30 pm Finger food available

Day One                     Friday 8th February
8:15 am Trial ends available
8:25 am Welcome to Stewart Buttar Pairs
8:30 am Section play Round 1
11:15 am onwards Lunch
12:30 pm Section play Round 2
3:00 pm Section play Round 3
7:00 pm Finger Food provided
7:30 pm Calcutta

Day Two                     Saturday 9th February
8:15 am Trial ends available
8:30 am Section play Round 4
11:15 am onwards Lunch
12:30 pm Section play Round 5
3:00 pm Round Robin Round 1
7:00 pm Finger Food provided

Day Three                  Sunday 10th February
8:00 am Round Robin Round 2
10:15 am Morning Tea
10:45 am Round Robin Round 3
1:00 pm Lunch
1:30 pm All Finals
4:30 pm Prize Giving
5:00 pm Finger Food provided

Tournament Committee


Alan and Eric Allison
Alex Grainger, Bryan Turnbull
Alvin Gardiner, Greg Reid (Bowls Canterbury)
Andy McLean, Ken Walker
Anne Watson, Melanie Macauley (Australia)
Barrie Lester, Shane Globits (Australia)
Barry Sullivan, Michael Smith (Australia)
Bev Morel, Serena Mathews
Brian McGowen, Ron Sabin (Bowls Papanui)
Bruce Wakefield, Pat Bonham
Bryan Burke, Paul McKinnell
Eric Jarvis, Graham Champion
George Nicoll, Luke Rhind
Graham Stanley, Peter Meier
Isaac Denny, Richard Collett (New Zealand)
Jeff Clark, Des Fitzpatrick
John Foggo, Lance Main
Kerry Becks, Steve Ditford (Bowls Canterbury)
Kevin Gore, Mike Small
Leo Leonard, Wynette MacLachlan
Lionel Shaw, Mark Luff
Lloyd Gallop, Andre Smith
Marina and Jan Khan (New Zealand)
Mary Campbell, Sharon Sims (New Zealand)
Maurice Symes, Kelvin Scott
Nathan Glasson, Mark Leith
Nick Buttar, Mark Watt (New Zealand)
Noel Alexander, Darren Redway
Paul Anning, Andy Bramhan
Pete Hodson, Gary Watson
Peter and Grant Stumbles
Peter Doell, Neil Cornelius
Peter Joyce, Mark Schrader
Ric Day, Gus Templeton (Bowls Canterbury)
Ricky Cook, Andrew Kelly
Robin Moffat, Colin Lowery
Roger Glenndening, Rohan Ware (Bowls Canterbury)
Ross Bell, Steve Beel
Ross Fenton, Terry Stewart
Russell McDonald, Wynston MacLachlan
Sean O’Neill, Paul Girlder
Shane Sincock, Glen McDonald (Bowls Canterbury)
Shannon McIlroy, Tony Grantham (New Zealand)
Shona Klimeck, Jo Toogood (Southland Ladies)
Steve Jones, Barrie Andrews
Tim White, Lance Tasker
Val Smith, Jo Edwards (New Zealand)
Valmai Hantz, Myra Diver (Burnside)
Geoff Clarke
Ken Haworth
Ross Bell
Des Fitzpatrick  
Margaret Gray
Mort Young
Ken Haworth
Geoff Clarke
Norm West
Match Committee
Ken Haworth
Geoff Clarke
Computer and Website
Leicester Withers
Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 4
Division 5
Division 6
Kerry Becks +
Steve Ditford  
Lloyd Gallop +
Andre Smith
Val Smith +
Jo Edwards  
Lionel Shaw +
Mark Luff
Andy McLean +
Ken Walker  
Ricky Cook +
Andrew Kelly  
Roger Glenndening
+ Rohan Ware  
Isaac Denny +
Richard Collett
Steve Jones +
Alvin Gardiner +
Greg Reid  
Paul Anning +
Andy Bramhan  
Shona Klimeck +
Jo Toogood  
Russell McDonald +

Maurice Symes +
Kelvin Scott
Robin Moffat +
Colin LoweryBarrie

B Lester +
Shane Globits
Ric Day +
Gus Templeton

Bev Morel +
John Foggo +
Lance Main

Bryan Turnbull
+ Alex Grainger
Eric Jarvis +

Bryan Burke +
Paul McKinnell
George Nicoll +
Luke Rhind

Anne Watson +
Melanie Macauley
Shannon McIlroy +
Tony Grantham

Noel Alexander +
Darren Redway
Kevin Gore +
Mike Small

Pete Hodson +
Gary Watson
Alan Allison +
Eric Allison

Barry Sullivan +
Michael Smith
Sean O’Neill +
Paul Girlder

Peter Joyce +
Mark Schrader
Final Placings
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