Friday, Saturday Sunday - 13, 14 and 15 January 2017
Mike Pero Stewart Buttar Burnside Pairs
Tournament Committee
Tournament MC
Trevor Paterson
Geoff Clarke
Executive Member
Alan Bryce
Mort Young
Geoff Clarke
Mort Young
Leo Crimmins
Bowls and Umpire
Leo Crimmins
Robert Clark
Myra Diver
Eric Jarvis
Philippa Johnston
Vincent Chia
Leo Crimmins
Results and Website
Ken Reid
Arjan van Hasselt

Practice Day              Thursday
3:00 pm Greens available for practice
4:30 pm PRO AM
7:00 pm Official welcome
7:30 pm Finger food available

Day One                     Friday
8:15 am Trial ends available
8:25 am Welcome to Stewart Buttar Invitation Pairs
8:30 am
Section play Round 1
11:15 pm  
Section play Round 2
1:35 pm Lunch
2:30 pm
Section play Round 3
6:00 pm Finger Food provided

Day Two                     Saturday
8:15 am Trial ends available
8:30 am
Section play Round 4
11:15 pm
Section play Round 5
1:35 pm Lunch
2:30 pm
Post Section Round 1
6:00 pm Finger Food provided

Day Three                  Sunday
7:45 am Trial ends
8:00 am
Post Section Round 2
10:45 am
Post Section Round 3
1:00 pm Lunch
1:45 pm All
4:30 pm Prize Giving
Scott Thulborn / Corey Wedlock
Katelyn Inch / Angela Boyd
Lionel Shaw /Terry Stewart
Trevor Kennett / Murray Scott
Craig Carter / Peter Kearney
Robin Howman / Richard Hocking
Sean O’Neill / Shaun Scott
Bruce McNish / Trevor Pascoe
Linda Ralph / Kaitlyn Bassett
Rohan Ware / Mark Gillespie
Craig McDonnell / Dennis Mills
Peter Doell / Snow Reardon
Bev Morel / Ian Rule
Sheldon Bagrie-Howley / Tony Cotterill
Sandra Keith / Serena Mathews
Doug Patterson / Robbie Read
Pete Hodson / Ross Bell
Shane Pascoe / Rodger Glendenning
Alvin Gardiner / Paul Mathieson
Bob McAuley / David Archer
Pat Houlahan / Alistair Watson
George Nicoll / Geoff Clarke
Nicole Toomey / Ashleigh Jeffcoat
Graham Rees / Kirstin Rowe
Sanji Prasad / Andre Smith
Joseph van de Pennen / Liam Eathorne
Mike Small / Barry Williams
Ric Day / Brian Eatwell
Barrie Andrews / Keanu Darby
Rhys Hakkens / Richard Corry
Chris Lowe / Jordan King
Maurice Symes / Warren Brown
Kerry Becks / Steven Ditfort
Kevin Rowe / Craig Schroder
Greg Smith / Sonny Brown
Ken Walker / Coryn Huddy
Rob Ashton / Peter Sain
Kristina Krstic / Tiffany Brodie
Nathan Glasson / Eric Allison
Paul McKinnell / Matt Bassett
Kevin Smith / Hamish Wilson
Na Katae / Paul Mariu
Lance Pascoe / Kelvin Scott
Shane Sincock / Paddy Stewart
Lance Tasker / Tayla Bruce
Tom Taiaroa / Travis Cook
Kurt Burgess / Scott Sinclair-Patton
Colin Lowery / Steve Glassey
General Conditions
  • Australian Pairs - Four bowls per player - 2x2x2x2
  • 48 Teams - Eight Sections of six teams.
  • An end burnt after the bell in time limit games MUST be replayed
  • A bell will be rung once to signify that there is ten minutes left to play and the clock will signal end of time.
  • In the event of bad weather or other delays the Tournament Committee has the option to alter the format of the tournament.
  • Code of Conduct (click here to view)

Section Play Conditions       
  • Section play is 15 completed ends with 2 hours 20 minute time limit.
  • Post Section places are determined by placing within qualifying sections based on wins, draws, differential and ends.

Division 1-6 Post Section Play Conditions
  • The top qualifier in each section goes into division 1, the second team in each section goes into division 2 and the third team in each
    section goes into division 3 and so on down to division 6.
  • Each of these six groups will then have eight teams, split into two groups of four, with each group of four playing a round robin of 15
    completed ends with 2 hour 20 minutes time limit. ·        
  • Post Section groups will be drawn as: Section A, qualifiers 1,3,5,&7 and  Section B, qualifiers 2,4,6,&8
  • Winners of Post Section groups will be determined by wins, draws, differential and ends. If two teams are equal with wins, draws,
    differential and ends the winner of the game between the two goes forward. If three teams are equal on wins, draws, differential and
    ends, the total shots scored will be the tie – breaker.      
  • Winner of each Post Section group will play in finals.

Finals Play Conditions
  • Finals are scheduled for 1.45 pm on Sunday   
  • Division 1 play 15 completed ends with No time limit – No Draws       
  • Division 2 play 11 completed ends with No time limit – No Draws       
  • Divisions 3 - 6 play 8 completed ends with No time limit – No Draws       
  • Final divisional placing below finalists will be determined by their finishing position within divisional post section play.
Tournament Format    
Day 1
Friday 13 Jan 8:30 am
Section Play
3 games / 15 ends
Day 2
Saturday 14 Jan 8:30 am
Section Play
Div 1-6 Post Section Play
2 games / 15 ends
1 game / 15 ends
Day 3
Sunday 15 Jan 8:00 am
FINALS at 1:45 pm
Div 1-6 Post Section Play
2 games / 15 ends
Display Section
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Post Section
Printable Draw
Display Condensed
Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 4
Division 5
Division 6
Scott Thulborn
Corey Wedlock
Sheldon BagrieHowley
Tony Cockerill
Nicole Toomey
Ashleigh Jeffcoat
Sandra Keith
Serena Mathews
Shane Sincock
Paddy Stewart
Craig McDonnell
Dennis Mills
Alvin Gardiner
Paul Mathieson
Ken Walker
Coryn Huddy
Barrie Andrews
Keanu Darby
Maurice Symes
Warren Brown
Rohan Ware
Mark Gillespie
Bev Morel
Ian Rule
Sandj Prasad
Andre Smith

Lance Pascoe
Kelvin Scott
Tom Taiaroa
Travis Cook

Katelyn Inch
Angela Boyd
Trevor Kennett
Greg Reed

Kerry Becks
Steven Ditfort
Colin Lowery
John Lavell

Nathan Glasson
Eric Alison
Pat Houlahan
Alistair Wilson

Greg Smith
Sonny Brown
Graeme Rees
Kirsten Rowe

Robin Howman
Richard Hocking
Sean O'Neil
Shaun Scott

Chris Lowe
Jordan King
Mike Small
Barry Williams

Peter Doell
Snow Reardon
Lance Tasker
Tayla Bruce

Rob Ashton
Peter Sain
Linda Ralph
Kaitlyn Bassett

Lionel Shaw
Terry Stewart
Paul McKinnell
Mat Bassett

Pete Hodson
Ross Bell
Rhys Hakkens
Richard Cory

Na Katae
Paul Mariu
Shane Pascoe
Rodger Glendenning

Kristina Krstic
Tiffany Brodie
Bob McAuley
David Archer

Kevin Smith
Hamis Wilson
Bruce McNish
Trevor Pascoe

Doug Patterson
Robbie Read
Joseph van der Pennen
Liam Eathorne

George Nicoll
Geoff Clarke
Craig Carter
Peter Kearney

Ric Day
Brian Eatwell
Kurt Burgess
Scott SinclairPatton

Kevin Rowe
Craig Schroder
Winners Scott Thulborn and Corey Wedlock
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