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Burnside U26 Singles 2 - 4 Oct 2020
Tournament Format
Draw and Results
Conditions of Play
Tournament Committee
Kerrie Bruce
Tournament Director
Ken Wilson-Pyne
Kerrie Bruce (Chair)
Alan Bryce
Ken Reid
Arjan van Hasselt
Ken Wilson-Pyne
Hamish Wilson
Disputes Committee  
Ken Wilson-Pyne
Ken Reid
Arjan van Hasselt
Organiser of Markers  
Hamish Wilson       Schedule
Umpire Convenor
David Conroy
Ken Wilson-Pyne
Results and Website
Ken Reid
Arjan van hasselt
Live Streaming
Tamara Maher
Emily Robbins
Bill Wilson
Division One
3rd =
5th =
$200  4 prizes
Division Two
3rd =
5th =
$75  4 prizes
Division Three
3rd =
Prize Money
Total prize pool for the 2020 event is $4500.
Division Four
3rd =
Thursday 1 October
4:00 - 6:00 pm Green open for practice.

Friday 2 October
8:30 am  Welcome
8:45 am  Trial ends
9:00 am  Game starts - four rounds of section play.

Saturday 3 October
8:45 am  Trial ends
9:00 am  Games start - three rounds of section play, post section quarter finals
Sunday 4 October
8:45 am  Trial ends.
9:00 am  Games start - semi finals and finals for each event.
1:30 pm approx Presentations
  •  Singles – four bowls each player
  •  21 shots up, no time limit for all games  (slow play will not be tolerated)
  • The exception is the Divisions 3 and 4 finals, which will be to 15 shots.
  • Players will only be permitted to visit the head after their third bowl has   
    been played.
Section Play
Section play will be over two days, with four sections of eight players playing
seven round robin games each in total.  
Post Section Play
Post section play will be knockout quarter final, semi final and final.
The Divisions 3 and 4 finals will be to 15 shots.
Division 1 – 1st and 2nd in each section (8 players)
Division 2 – 3rd and 4th in each section (8 players)
Division 3 – 5th and 6th in each section (8 players)
Division 4 – 7th and 8th in each section (8 players)
Final placing of section play based on:
1. Highest number of wins.
2. Differential of shots.
3. Result of game between players concerned.
4. In the event of players still being tied after previous three points, a jack
will be placed on the two metre line, with the front of the mat on the other
two metre line and each player will play one bowl each. Order of delivery
will be drawn out of a hat.
Trial ends – Trial ends will be allowed before the start time of the first
game of the day and prior to a game if you are on a different green to your
previous game. Trial ends before the quarter finals will be allowed.
Clothing – Regulation bowling attire of an acceptable standard must
be worn during play.
Lateness – If any player fails to be present at the time set down for the
commencement of the game, the umpire shall allow for the current laws of
the sport to prevail.
Withdrawals – The tournament committee reserve the right to fill a
withdrawal. If a withdrawal during section play cannot be filled, win point
and average sectional differential points for that round will be awarded.
Weather – In the event of inclement weather or for any reason the
tournament committee decides, play may be curtailed or abandoned and
placings determined from current results.
Disputes – Any notice of a dispute must be referred to the organizer
within 10 minutes of the conclusion of the game.  Individual players are
accountable for their actions.  World Bowls, Laws of the Sport of Bowls,
Crystal Mark Third Edition shall be adhered to for anything not covered here.
Terms and Conditions of Entry - Please note the Controlling Body
reserves the right to accept and/or decline any entry and/or amend the
rules/conditions of play, conditions of entry, prize money and playing schedule
if they see fit. In entering, players agree to play in any division they qualify for.
Failure to play a scheduled game may result in their entry not being accepted
in future years.
Display Results
By Section
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  Sheldon Bagrie-Howley
Adam Baillie   
Paris Baker   
Cait Bassett
Chase Bishop
Jeremy Brosnan
Tayla Bruce
Dylan Campbell
Braeden Casware
Callum Cox
Brooke Craik
Alex Cross   
Seamus Curtin
Keanu Darby
Bradley Down
Richard Hocking
Clayton Hockley    
Taylor Horn
Ashleigh Jeffcoat
Dan Jelfs   
Rebecca Jelfs   
Hamish Kape
Ethan Kelleher
Hamish Kelleher   
Finbar McGuigan
Anthony Ouellet   
Jesse Russell
Cooper Stumbles
Tom Taiaroa
Aiden Takarua  
Ryan Vincent
Aidan Zittersteijn
New Lynn
Woolston Park
North East Valley
Northend / Riversdale
Stokes Valley
North East Valley
Carlton Cornwall
Canterbury 2017
Stokes Valley
Bowls Tauranga South
Cambridge Central
Forbury Park
West End (Timaru)
Point Chevalier
Press Coverage

Article by Ken Wilson-Pyne

Summary of event by Ken Wilson-Pyne

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Live streaming via Facebook   Saturday and Sunday
Live streaming via Facebook   Saturday and Sunday
Winner Taylor Horn
Runner Up Adam Baillie
Live stream links

Div 1 Final - Taylor Horn(Mangere) vs Adam Ballie (Papakura)
Div 2 Semi Final - Tayla Bruce (Burnside) v Ethan Kelleher (Cobden)
Div 1 Quarter Final -  Aiden Takarua (Pt Chevalier) v Adam Baillie (Papakura)
Round 7  Play - Richard Hocking (Burnside) v Finbar McGuigan (Stokes Valley)
Round 6  Play - Seamus Curtin (Stokes Valley) v Ashleigh Jeffcoat (Carlton Cornwall)