Friday 7th - Sunday 9th February 2014

Burnside Bowling Club is proud to celebrate its 50th Jubilee this season with a number
of events being held from
Friday 7 February to Sunday 9 February 2014.

We are very pleased to acknowledge Ian and Joan Familton of Mike Pero Real
Estate, who are generously supporting our jubilee programme.

All of the scheduled events will be held at the Burnside Bowling Club at 330 Avonhead
Road in Christchurch.

Thursday 6 February (Waitangi Day), the greens and club house will be open all
day.  We particularly invite any out of town visitors to pop in for a roll-up.   

Friday 7 February, starting at 1.00pm, we will be hosting a jubilee tournament.  
This will be a drawn, mixed event for past and present members (and their partners).  
Dress code is mufti.  The format will be dependent on the number of players who
register for the event.  For those past and present members who may not be able to
bowl over the jubilee weekend but would like to get together with others to be part of
the celebrations, we will be inviting them to come along to the Club that afternoon for a
High Afternoon Tea.  On Friday evening, there will be an informal Nibbles and Natter
event held upstairs at the Club from 7.00pm.  There will be some brief speeches of
welcome and some light refreshments served.  Please register for the Nibbles and
Natter event.

Saturday 8 February, we will be hosting “Club Day” at Burnside, where most of our
scheduled interclub games will be played at home.  We will be keen to welcome all the
players coming in from visiting clubs that day.  In the evening, starting at 7.00pm with
pre-dinner mingling and nibbles, will be the Burnside 50th Jubilee Dinner.  Dinner,
buffet-style, will be provided by Catering by Nikki from 8.00pm, and there will be some
formal speeches.    Please register for the formal dinner.

Sunday 9 February, running from 10.00am to 4.00pm, will be the premier jubilee
tournament.  This will be a drawn, mixed event for past and present members (and
their partners), and invited guests.  Club whites are to be worn.  There will be four one
and a quarter hour games, with the format dependent on the number of registered
players.  Lunch will be provided as part of the entry fee.   

We look forward to celebrating this important milestone with past and present
members, and invite you to register now.  You may either submit
online here or else
send off the completed
form to Burnside Bowling Club at P O Box 31028, Christchurch

To confirm registration, payment and a completed
form are required.  Payments
details can be found on the
form.  Registrations close 10 January 2014.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email

We look forward to seeing you at our jubilee celebrations.
Kerrie Bruce, Chair of Burnside 50th Jubilee Committee
Kindly supported by
Ian and Joan Familton
Click here to download the printable Registration form. Please fill this in and post to the above address.

here to fill in the online registration form. This information will be automatically sent via the internet.
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