-  Tayla Bruce
-  Richard Hocking
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Trophy Winners 2016-2017
Runner Up
Ladies 1 & 2 Year
Tracy Wilkinson
Lisa Mather
Ladies Junior Singles
Alex Wilkinson
Caitlin Bassett
Ladies Open Singles
Tayla Bruce
Alex Wilkinson
Ladies Pairs
Tayla Bruce(s)
Angela Boyd
Kirsten Rowe (s)
Emily Miller
Ladies Fours
Judy Davidson (s)
Nyra Crimmins
Brenda Turner
Rosalie Oliver
Penny Pat (s)
Nancy Field
Myra Diver
Frances Flint
Ladies Triples
Angela Boyd (s)
Kirsten Rowe
Emily Miller
Penny Pat (s)
Pauline Huggins
Rhonda Reid
Men's Colts
Brian Dunbar
Men's Junior Singles
Paul Beecroft
Men's Open Singles
Hamish Wilson
Richard Hocking
Men's Pairs
Peter Doell (s)
John Lindsay
Kevin Smith (s)
Vincent Chia
Men's Triples
Kevin Gore (s)
Peter Quinn
Ken Judd
George Nicol (s)
Kevin Rowe
Geoff Clarke
Men's Triples Plate
Murray Croy (s)
Murray Hill
Lou Dent
Men's Fours
Geoff Clarke (s)
Eric Jarvis
Kevin Rowe
Graham Tate
Leo Crimmins (s)
Murray Harper
John Lindsay
Paul Beecroft
Handicap Singles
Lindsay Hodder
Handicap Pairs
David Crombie (s)
Terry Leadbetter
Thiele Fours
Warwick Ainger (s)
Brian Clarkson
Johnny Rowe
Don McClellend
Scarlet Triples
David Crombie
John Ross
Selwyn Manning
Hussey Pairs
Selwyn Manning (s)
Michael Murphy
Finlayson Singles
Don McCelland
Opening Day Trophy
Not Played
Hayman Trophy
Barry Williams
Hornburn Trophy
Fenburn Duster
Jack Forbes
Memorial Trophy
Not Played
Elmburn Shield
Orchard Trophy
Alan Bryce (s)
Brenda Turner
Norm West
President’s Trophy
Neil Cornelius (s)
Rosemary Harper
Andy Cockroft
Stu Buttar Pairs
Scott Thulborn
Corey Wedlock
Silver Stars
Ken Judd