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Competing Players





Julie Keegan
Winner Australian Open Singles and Runner-up Australian Open Pairs, 2006
Lebogang Mascarenhas
National Singles Champion 2003, 2005.  Previous National Pairs & Fours Winner
Kevin Jones
Asia Pacific Fours Bronze 1987 & 1997. Represented Canada in 1994 & 1998 Commonwealth Games
Shirley Ko
National Singles Champion 2005, National Fours Silver, 2004 Represented Canada Hong Kong Tiger Bowls 2005
Simon Jee
National Singles Champion 2005, several County Titles
Julie Saunders
National Singles Champion 2005, represented England British Isles Championships 2006
Ratish Lal
National Singles Champion and previously all National Titles.  Represented Fiji in Asia Pacific Championships 1993-1999
Sainiana Walker
Singles Champion, represented Fiji in previous Commonwealth Games and Asia Pacific Championships
 Geoff Savident
Island Singles Champion 2005, Runner-up British Isles Pairs 2003


Rita Shek
Hong Kong China Singles Champion
Martin McHugh
National Singles Champion, British Isles Singles Champion 2005 & 2006. Commonwealth Games Gold 1998, World Bowls Bronze 2000

Jennifer Dowds
Irish Singles Champion 2005 & 2006, Pairs 1995-1997, Fours 1998
Jeff Rabkin
Israeli Singles Champion 7 times, Masters 16 times, Hong Kong Classic Pairs Gold, World Bowls Silver and 2 Bronze

Ruthie Gilor
National titles include, Singles, Master & Pairs.   Runner-up European Championships, represented Israel World Bowls 2000 & 2004
David Cameron
All Japan Singles Champion 2005, All Japan Triples Winner 2003/2004. Represented Japan at Asia Pacific 2003/2005.  Tiger Bowls 2004-06. China Menís Open 2006

Kyoko Raita
All Japan Singles Champion 2005. All Japan Triples Gold 2002/3, Pairs 2004, Pairs 2005 Silver
Alan Shaw
British Isles Singles Champion 2006 Represented Europe at Europe v Asia, Hong Kong Tigers, World Bowls and Commonwealth Games


Ian Stamp
Winner 3 National singles, 3 National pairs, 6 National triples and 4 National fours. Represented Kenya in 8 African States, Commonwealth Games 2002/2006, and World Bowls 2004

Patricia Gilham
National Singles and Fours Champion, Manager World Bowls 1992, managed and played in African States
Jimn Lim
South Korean Champion represented Korea in Asian, Asia Pacific Championships, World Cup and Champion of Champions

Syed Akil
Represented Malaysia Champion of Champions 2004/5. World Bowls and Asia Pacific 2003, (Bronzes, Triples and Fours)

Nor Hashimah Ismail
Asian Bowls Champion, Asia Pacific 1995/7/9, 2003/5 Gold, Silver & Bronze, Commonwealth Games 1998 Bronze & 2006 Triples Gold
Graham Snyman
Represented Namibia World Bowls 1996 & 2004. Commonwealth Games 1998 & 2002. Winner of Botswana International Pairs 2003

Marie van der Merwe
National Singles Champion
Theo Bellaart
Singles Champion 2005, Runner up 20004, represented Netherlands in European Championships 2001/3, Europe v Asia 2005

Rita Schrijber
National Singles Champion 2005, represented Netherlands in World Championships 2004 and Atlantic Rim 2005
Alan Dickson
National Singles Champion 2005/06.  Winner 18 club titles and 3 Centre Titles

Audrey Stevenson
National Singles Champion 2005/06. Winner 3 Centre Titles
Louis Boudan
2003/05 Singles Champion, 2002/04 Pairs, 2005 Fours. Represented Norfolk Island Commonwealth Games 2002


Karina Okuk
National Singles Champion 2006, National Pairs 1998, 2000 & 2001. Represented Papua New Guinea in World Bowls, Asia Pacific, South Pacific Games & Arafura Games
John Laskey
Portuguese Singles Champion 2006, Triples and Pairs 2005.  Represented Portugal Test Match v Spain at European qualifying event

Hans Gabriel
Singles Champion. Represented Samoa in World Bowls, Asia Pacific, Commonwealth Games & Champion of Champions

Tina Gabriel
Singles Champion, Lady Bowler of the Year 2001, represented Samoa  in Mini South Pacific, Asia Pacific Games and Commonwealth Games
Darren Burnett
Scottish Outdoor & Indoor Singles Champion 3 times, British Isles Outdoor & Indoor Singles Champion, Runner-up Champion of Champions (Moama)

Ann Marie Fletcher
National Singles Champion 2005, winner of several District Titles
Nicholas Rusling
National Singles Champion 2005, Fours winner 2000 & 2004. Represented South Africa in Under 25 events

Colleen Webb
National Singles Champion 2005 & 2006.  Masters Singles 2002/4/6.  Represented South Africa in Commonwealth Games 2006, Champion of Champions 2005.  African States Singles Bronze 2005
Keith Vaughan Jones
Spanish National Singles, Pairs & Triples 2005, Runner-up Pairs 2004, Runner-up Triples 2003

Pauline Hooper
Spanish National Singles 2005, Malaga Province 2002
Brett Frost
National Singles Champion 2006, Triples and Fours 2005. Represented Swaziland in African States 2005

Karin Byers
National Singles Champion 3 times, National & Club Pairs, Triples and Fours.  Represented Swaziland in African States, World Bowls and Commonwealth Games
Richard Broad
United States National Champion 2005, Pairs 2000. World Bowls 2004 Triples Plate (Bronze). Represented United States in North American Challenge (3 times)

Rosa Gandara
United States National Champion 2005
Edward Nkole
Singles Champion, African States 2000 Singles Silver, Pairs Bronze. 2001 Singles Gold. Represented Zambia Commonwealth Games 2002

Foster Banda
Singles Champion 2000 & 2005. African States 2001, 2004 Bronze Medals
Roy Garden
5 times National Singles Champion, multiple National & Provincial Champion of Champions. Commonwealth Singles Gold 1998.  Represented Zimbabwe at World Bowls, Commonwealth Games and African States

Jane Rigby

Winner of Fours, Triples, Pairs and Singles at Club, Provincial & National level.

Represented Zimbabwe in African States since 1996, World Bowls 2000/2004 and Commonwealth Games 2002